Extremely enjoyable production.
Kelly S.

My friend and I really enjoyed this show! So good to see a traditional thriller – originally written in 1938 – with brand new eyes! We’re all pretty familiar nowadays with the term. ‘gaslighting’ so the audience were one step ahead and really enjoyed seeing him get his comeuppance! The set, lighting, direction and performance were all of a high standard!
Helen D.

Great show, amazing.
steve k.

This was an excellent play with a compelling story. The attention to detail in the set was very good and the lead actors strong, particularly the leading lady, who played a difficult role with ease. We thoroughly enjoyed the show!
Richard K.

YokeFun K.

A polished top quality production. Beautiful set, costume, lighting, soundtrack. An excellent cast brought the intriguing story to life. The story moves along quickly. I was fully engaged through the whole play.
Hung N.

Brilliant! Portrays inconspicuous gaslighting within a captivating and entertaining storyline!
Marie S.

A truly thrilling show. Great psychological thriller. Highly recommend it .
Litsa S.

Entertaining & riveting. Outstanding performance. Excellent dialogue delivery

Wonderful show, loved the acting and especially loved the second act where things really heated up. Great to see such a quality production at a great venue like the Comedy Theatre.
Heath C.

Intriguing storyline that was well played out and captivating such that the audience becomes emotionally engaged. The scenery worked well as did the lighting and dramatic effects, highly recommend.
Susan B.

Absolutely brilliant! Enjoyed it very VERY much. Storyline captivating, acting wonderful, “The perfect balance of drama and mystery” with quite abit of humour chucked in as well. DEFINITELY worth seeing
diana g.

What a thrilling show. Excellent cast, great performance by all. The storyline delivers..a must see during a short run in Melbourne. 5 stars..
Christine S.

Enjoyable and very well acted psychological thriller. Tightly paced act 2.
Jana G.

It was a fantastic show keeping us rivetted in the plot and guessing every minute what is going to happen next l Excellent cast and beautifully performed
Vida G.